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Achieve your full potential, get out of a rut, develop high self-estem, become motivated, learn how to set goals and reach them, get your anger under control, understand and deal with anxiety and panic, raise a low mood, develop a stronger sense of self, learn how to protect yourself from people who want to take advantage of you, learn to say no and learn useful therapy techniques.

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Fine tune your social skills!


For those of you who have trouble picking up social skills because of, for example, a medical condition, the book can give you the help you need as it covers the basics too.

Enhance your friendship skills to have more rewarding relationships and a more satisfying social network. If you are lonely or have trouble making or keeping friends, this book can also help you.

I wrote Take Charge of Your Future because so many people in life are challenged - including myself. Whenever I have difficulties in my life I work at finding solutions to improve my lot even if I can't provide a permanent answer.


In this book, I have addressed many common difficulties people have in the hope that others too can maximise their life experiences.

I wrote How to be a People Person because I know only too well what a disadvantage it is to have poor social performance. I was intensely shy as a teenager and still had difficulties in young adulthood finding it hard to talk to strangers and people in authority and to compliment people or put right a misunderstanding.


With an understanding of how social rules worked I improved my own relationships. I found out what worked best and how to deal with awkward situations while causing the least damage. Sometimes it is so hard to address a difficulty without causing offence.


I am by no means perfect but I have come a long way. More than ten years of studying people - including myself - and much research has given me the knowledge to help other people with the essentials of socialising from the basics to the more advanced.


It is not shameful to have less than perfect people skills - but if you know you have difficulties then it is certainly a shame if you don't do anything about it!


Socially aware people can learn more of the craft - we can never prepare ourselves for all social situations but the more experiences we have, and the more ideas we are opened to, the more likely it is we won't mess up big time - or if we do mess up we will know how to put it right.

I wrote Overcoming Loneliness and Making Friends because I so value my own friendships and have seen the devastation of friendship failure in other people.


There are so many reasons why we need friends that it is amazing that people who don't have rewarding and balanced relationships don't try to find out why - when someone has a string of dissatisfying or failing relationships it is demoralising and lowers self-esteem. But by understanding friendships you can change that. Having few friends is not an inherent fault you were born with - being low on friends is caused by unhelpful behaviour that can be changed.


Loneliness is something that few people would admit to. Generally in society we see a lonely person as a person with little value, few or no friends and generally 'sad'. However, even very popular people can feel lonely at times and most people at some stage in their lives have experienced acute loneliness which is most unpleasant.


I have had periods of loneliness in my life - some of these were due to personal challenges I  had to cope with. The good thing is you can do an awful lot to dispel loneliness and protect yourself from the worst of it in the future. Don't let the joy of other people pass you by because you are too afraid or ashamed to get help. How silly that will seem after decades of loneliness and you looking back on an unfulfilled life. Act now to lay the foundations of a happier future.

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