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Why people are angry, useful and non-useful anger, managing inappropriate anger, dealing with other people's anger.





As well as feeling anxious you might experience panic attacks, hyperventilation, breathing exercises, relaxation exercise.

(Audio recordings to help with sleep and anxiety are also available.)





An explanation of what depression is and how you can help yourself, recognising unhelpful thought patterns and cahnging the way you think about things, making changes in your life, helping yourself to heal, identifying past issues, dealing with obstacles that prevent you from moving forward, expanding your expectations so that you can lead a fuller life.





This includes saying no, giving and receiving criticism, standing up for yourself, your personal rights, dealing with put-downs, dealing with work bullies, dealing with conflict and negotiation.





This includes making and keeping friends, reasons for friendship failure, friendship rules, loneliness, emotional barriers to friendship, anxiety about meeting new people and talking to them, friendship rules.





This includes what loneliness is and how it can be different for different people, the types of loneliness (emotional and social), what to do about it.




Low self-esteem 

What things affect your self-esteem, repairing a damaged self-esteem.




Social skills 

The book includes help in understanding the difference between you and other people, making new friends, things that prevent intimacy, social networks, making conversation, listening and caring skills, body language, personalities that affect relationships in a negative way, giving compliments, assertion, put-downs, relating to others, handling criticism and work bullies, asking for what you want, prejudicial and stereotypical put-downs, romantic relationships, cultural diffrences in social interactions.





The book includes information on many therapies: cognitive behavioural therapy, psychodynamic therapy, solution focused brief therapy, narrative therapy, motivational interviewing, family therapy, systemic family therapy, neuro-linguistic programming.





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