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People Skills for Young Adults


ISBN 1853027162


Jessica Kingsley Publishers. 192 pages £15.95

People Skills for Young Adults is a complete course in social skills training for students in their teens, and is particularly appropriate for those with mild learning difficulties. The book is practical in emphasis, and comprises a series of sessions accompanied by leader sheets. Examples of scenarios are given, and students are encouraged to act them out and discuss the issues related in them. There are also role-plays and student help sheets, which develop the areas covered in the sessions. The areas include: friends and relationships; personal development; self-confidence and shyness; assertiveness and counselling and listening skills.


Full guidance and practical suggestions are included, so that leaders do not require any previous experience of teaching this subject. (If used with young people with mild learning difficulties the suggested age range is 16-25.)


Caroline Hensby - www.adders.org



'A truly amazing book. This book is formatted in a style to be used as sessions to help young people learn social skills. Each session has a worksheet format for the young person and a teacher/counsellor section to help the leader organise each time together.

Easy to follow and in about 1 hour sections various social skills can be worked on as a group. Each section can be broken down into smaller sessions if time is shorter.

I felt that this would be an essential edition to those working with young people with learning, attention and social skills problems. A real must have book for those who want to see our children mature successfully.'




Youthwork, May 2000


'This resource is a complete course in social skills for teenagers and particularly appropriate for those with mild learning difficulties. The course is made up of lots of situations for discussions, role-play and guidelines for course leaders making it easy for those who have not dealt with this subject before… The four main subjects covered in the course are friendship, social and relationship rules, self-confidence and shyness, saying no, compliments and complaints… this book contains much excellent material which would help many unconfident and wary teenagers.'



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