Márianna Csóti

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Take Charge of Your Future

Many people are dissatisfied with who they are. They may feel they have not reached their full potential or taken opportunities that have come their way, or feel they have followed paths that were not right for them. Some people feel that if life had not dealt them an unkind hand they would have been different to how they are now.


        Having bad or unrewarding experiences damages your sense of self, limits self-expectations and lowers self-esteem, so that you stop being the person you were meant to be, or never quite reach the heights of who you could have been. This book helps you to make enduring personal changes to enhance your life providing the skills, knowledge and awareness necessary to make it happen.


Get help with goal setting, getting out of a rut, motivation, dealing with anger, overcoming anxiety, stress and panic, overcoming low mood and chronic depression, raising self-esteem, overcoming experiences of unskilled parenting and unfair treatment through racial and sexual discrimination and religious laws. There are many practical tips on how to help yourself become the person you would have been had life not been unkind. Many therapy techniques that you can use yourself are described.


ISBN 9780716021858


Elliot Right Way Books 2007, £5.99

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